On Science … Some Fake, Some Real

November 22nd, 2020

By Bob Gaydos
Some news for science-wary Americans: A quack doctor on the Covid task force told Americans, young and old, to gather together for turkey. The CDC said otherwise. Also, Arecibo, NASA’s renowned ear in the sky, went deaf. Now how will we hear ET?

America Has a Narrow Escape

November 13th, 2020

By Bob Gaydos
I do not state this lightly: No president in my lifetime, not even Richard Nixon, has done more to damage the basic foundations of this nation than Donald Trump.

A Vote Against the GOP, Top to Bottom

October 31st, 2020

By Bob Gaydos
Republican silence on Trump goes well beyond party loyalty to the realm of blind allegiance to their leader and/or sheer cowardice, neither of which I want in an elected official at any level.

For the Record: I Am Not an Old Coot

October 20th, 2020

By Bob Gaydos
I was called an old coot recently. I can’t change my age. It’s the old coot label I object to and the assumption that comes with it that this is a person not to be taken seriously because he’s old. He’ll be fine. Help him find his slippers. It’s insulting. Labels are risky business.

Banning Books, an American Tradition

October 6th, 2020

By Bob Gaydos
Our education system has a lot of work to do to repair the damage done in recent years. Encouraging reading is a good place to start. Books are available as never before online. And there’s plenty of time to read.

Watermelon and Other Amazing Things

September 24th, 2020

By Bob Gaydos
Everyday life is full of amazing things, if only one looks. Watermelon, the order of numbers, how horses see. Who thought of these things?

On Unwritten Rules, in Baseball and Life

August 21st, 2020

By Bob Gaydos
Life is full of unwritten rules. Baseball has a bunch of them. I’m writing some of them down. One of them is, in sports, politics and life, don’t be a sore loser.

The Perils of Covering Chaos 24/7

August 15th, 2020

By Bob Gaydos
Even veteran journalists can find it mind-numbing to report on chaos every day. Witness Maureen Dowd and David Brooks of The New York Times recently. Maybe take a short break, folks.

Hamill, Voices, Opinions, Dogs, August

August 8th, 2020

By Bob Gaydos
The voices in my newspapers are all gone. What remains is the conviction that a writer must remain true to his or her self first. Trust your voice. Trust your opinion. It seems I am in search of some new voices to read.

The GOP is Now a Party of Yohos

July 28th, 2020

By Bob Gaydos
As a fish rots from the head down, so has the GOP. Their leader is a bully, a liar and a misogynist and they know it. Rather than rise up in moral indignation, they have chosen for nearly four years to emulate or remain silent.