And So it Went: A Sports Fan Desperately in Need of a Back Page

August 21st, 2016

By Bob Gaydos
While I still turn to the sports page to start my day today, it’s not nearly the same. First of all, on the Internet there is no back page. More to the point, the sports pages are no longer a sanctuary from the social problems of the day.

And So it Went: ‘2nd Amendment people’, ‘ISIS’ … more Trump ‘do-overs’

August 14th, 2016

By Bob Gaydos
Donald Trump is a threat, an insult, a slur, a lie, a boast, an absurdity waiting to happen anytime he speaks. Life to him is one, big do-over. Any Republican with a shred of decency and self-respect, not to mention common sense, should have abandoned him months ago.

And So it Went: Two dysfunctional political families trying to survive

August 7th, 2016

By Bob Gaydos
Three months away from having to choose between two of the most disliked candidates in our nation’s history to be the most powerful person on the planet, we have become — in 12-step language — powerless over our political process and our lives are becoming increasingly unmanageable.

And So It Went: Hillary Makes History in Philly, a Farewell to Art in Pine Bush

July 31st, 2016

By Bob Gaydos
Hillary conquers Philly. Debbie does e-mails. Bernie cries. Donald pats his daughter’s rump. An art gallery closes in Pine Bush. And so it went.

And So It Went … A Review of the Events of the Week

July 24th, 2016

By Bob Gaydos
For this first installment, I’m going back more than a week because the major media apparently had no time to report on anything but the white supremacist rally in Cleveland.

Ali, Me and Two Guys Named Frank

June 5th, 2016

By Bob Gaydos
Whatever you do, whatever you may have accomplished, for as long you can, you keep showing up for life. You lace up your running shoes and stay true to your principles.

16 years … Still Waiting for Hillary

April 18th, 2016

By Bob Gaydos
Hillary Clinton, in my experience, does not like being asked to explain herself. She appears to want to be accepted as is simply because she is. Has she changed sides on an issue? Don’t ask.

In a Fog of Fiction, Sanders Offers Truth

March 17th, 2016

By Bob Gaydos
Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in either party who is genuine. When he speaks, I believe him. Millions believe him, because he has no hidden agenda, he is beholden to no one.

Iowa Caucus Eccentricities: Heads I Win, Bernie, Tails You Lose

February 5th, 2016

By Bob Gaydos
The “virtual tie” was a statement for Bernie Sanders against the establishment — Democratic Party and major media.

Falling in Love with Squats, Sort of

January 30th, 2016

By Bob Gaydos
If you can only do one exercise, I’m told, squats are the one to do because they work so many different muscles. The added muscle strength helps protect against injury from falls. Squats also improve balance, which decreases the likelihood of falls. For the record, one-third of those over the age of 65 fall each year and falls are the leading cause of death due to injury among seniors.