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Weiner Again

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

By Jeffrey Page

So let me get this straight.

Anthony Weiner is a man whose name is now a fast, needless-to-explain punch line. He is an exhibitionist, a liar, a member of Congress forced to resign a Brooklyn seat that could have been his forever. He is a betrayer of his constituents. He is a man who at age 47 sent salacious photos of himself to women on the internet. He reportedly engaged in on-line sex in the last year with a 22-year old woman.

And none of that, he wants you to know, should disqualify him from being mayor of a town of 8 million people, many of whom don’t have time to have fun with on-line sex because they’re too busy trying to pay the rent and make sure they still have jobs next week.

And so, Anthony Weiner (aka: Carlos Danger), having apologized once, has now apologized twice, has hauled his wife out before the cameras to tell the word – and especially New York voters – that Anthony is just one sweet guy. What is it with her?

By the way: “Carlos Danger?” What is that all about?

When the Weiner pictures first showed up on line, his response was that the guy in the photo might have been him but he couldn’t be sure, truly one of the more bizarre responses since Bill Clinton’s educating the grand jury in the Lewinsky Affair: “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

When it became clear to Weiner what “is” was, and that it sure was himself in those pictures, he vanished for a few months, emerged, got himself a sympathetic interview in the Times Magazine, entered the race for the Democratic nomination for mayor, swore off his heedless ways, showed some terrific poll numbers over the former frontrunner Christine Quinn. He has lost some numbers in the last few days, which indicates to me that maybe the voters are sick of playing the fool to Weiner.

Now, Weiner finds himself trying to talk his way out of a little problem of having sent more pictures of his revealed self to three women – for about a year after he quit Congress in disgrace and announced he would seek therapy.

Who knew that the correct spelling of “schmuck” begins with a-n-t-h.

I think a man’s fantasy life is something that ought to remain between the man and his pants, but it should now be clear that Weiner has been playing the voters as a bunch of gullible morons who will accept anything he says – as long as he looks troubled, looks contrite, and as long as his wife, the unfortunate Huma Abedin, stands by his side at yet another news conference to declare that no matter what Weiner did, she very strongly believes that his mistakes are “between us and our marriage.”

But that of course is not the case at all.

What Anthony did is not a private little trouble spot in a marriage, which would be none of anyone’s business. But because he seems to have trouble with the truth, especially when voters are concerned, an enormous problem exists between Anthony and the nearly 3 million registered Democrats of New York who are eligible to vote in the primary. Are they supposed to believe Weiner in this playing out of Strike Two? What about when this fiasco is over and a new one emerges?

If there is another incident, could Weiner really go before the press to say again that he’s learned his lesson and that if you don’t believe him, just ask Huma what a great guy he is.

Of course a man’s private life is private. But that’s not how it works in politics, a fact that Weiner would embrace when he’s ready to be honest with himself and with the voters.

“This is entirely behind me,” he said in this year’s Weiner confession. Voters might disagree, and this time, Weiner could be roasted.