Gigli’s Photo of the Week

Grand Canyon National Park

Under a Pine at the Grand Canyon

by: Edward Robeson Taylor (1838-1923)

Beneath a friendly, towering pine we lay–
Its sun-smite needles dancing in their bright,
Gem-glittering sheen–and breathed the deep delight
That streamed ecstatic through the veins of day.
Below, the awesome canyon’s vast array
Swam silent in its sea of azure light,
While far beyond, within our wondering sight,
The desert stretched illimitable gray.
Above us screamed a rapture-hearted jay;
And while the breeze swept music to our ears,
Whose murmurs deepened all the joys of rest,
Dream’s noiseless pinions wafted us away,
Beyond the toils and tumults of the years,
To purple-glowing Islands of the Blest.


2 Responses to “Gigli’s Photo of the Week”

  1. Jean Webster Says:

    Wonderful photo, with rich gorgeous colors. But that’s the Grand Canyon, isn’t it? I can picture Edward R. Taylor and perhaps a friend sitting under a tree down in the Grand Canyon, amidst all that rock and glory.

  2. Jeffrey Page Says:

    Rich, the thing I especially like about your work is that you make it seem so easy. Many times I have caught myself looking at something you shot and thinking: Gee, I could do that.

    No I can’t.


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