Gigli’s Photo of the Week

Photography by Rich Gigli

Wash Day

Oh Monday was our washing day,

and while the clothes were drying,

a wind came whistling through the line

and set them all a-flying.

I saw the shirts and petticoats

go flying off like witches.

I lost (oh bitterly I wept),

I lost my Sunday breeches.

I saw them flying through the air,

alas too late to save them.

A hole was in their ample part,

as if an imp had worn them.   (Author Unknown)




3 Responses to “Gigli’s Photo of the Week”

  1. Anita Says:

    Rich, this is great!

  2. Jean Webster Says:

    Reallly really nice photo. Immediately made me think of an island off the coast here. And….whoever wrote that poem? It’s priceless.

  3. Emily Theroux Says:

    Rich, this is wonderful! I used to hang out my laundry years ago, when I still had a clothesline. I had a pea-brained collie then who barked at everything that moved; “shirts and petticoats” blowing in the wind drove him absolutely mad. Nothing could match the smell of clean sheets that had hung all day in the sun and breeze. Even Darius, the collie, had to overcome his fear and nestle into them after I had made the bed.

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