Carrie’s Painting of the Week

Tall Trees

At the edge of the field

By Carrie Jacobson
I try to remind myself not to go too fast, not to take the first idea, the first word, the first scene. I try to remind myself to have a little trust, and look a little farther.

I painted the house at the edge of the field first, and I very much like it. I enjoyed painting it, seeing the flowers, smelling the sweet, hot air, and trying to capture all that sun-soaked summer glory.

I finished, and turned to my left, and saw the tall trees, and couldn’t go without painting them.

It’s hard not to take the first thing, isn’t it? You never know what the world will offer up next. With faith, and a little optimism, I am learning. If I can’t keep myself from reaching out, I can at least keep a little energy so that when that second chance comes along, there’s enough of me left to take it.

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