Carrie’s Painting of the Week

Into the Dawn

By Carrie Jacobson

Once, I had a thought about the last car on the highway. In my mind’s picture, I drove along at night, stars above, the miles spinning away beneath my tires, and it was something I wanted, a feeling I craved, hurtling into the unknown, alone and silent, leaving everything behind.

Now, I realize that I was in a dark and lonely place when that picture-thought came to me. At the time, I believed I was OK.

Today, I think I’m driving into the dawn, not alone, but the last of those before me and the first of many to come. We might not see each other, we might not know each other, but we are traveling together on this road, and there is comfort and joy in that for me.

I wish all Zesters and all Zest readers the best of things to come in this new year.


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