Thank You, and Be Well

Just a note of appreciation in this festive season for your support throughout all seasons.

For much of the year, the world has been a stressful, angry, violent place. It sometimes becomes difficult to keep writing about greed, bigotry, hatred, and unyielding ignorance. Indeed, the steady beat of such news can make it easy to forget the good things in our lives, create an imbalance, even make one cynical. That can skew a person’s outlook … and writing.

So we take a break to remember the good things. To be grateful. To share good times with our families and friends. We hope you are doing the same.

We wish you peace, love, laughs, health and serenity.  We’ll have some zestful views on some of that good stuff next time.

And thank you again.

The writers at Zest of Orange.

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One Response to “Thank You, and Be Well”

  1. esme Says:

    And a very Happy New Year to the writers at Zest of Orange.

    All of you leave an imprint with your different point of views and perspective and lovely artistic interpretations.

    And this piece especially reminds me in my own personal life, that I must not let the negative influence of others set the tone of the day, which spirals into the week, the month, and the year. Too many ‘years’ have been stolen and I thank you for insight and will try to restore the balance.

    Again, let us all enjoy the Zest of Life!!!

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