Carrie’s Painting of the Week – 10/10/14

Poppies No. 2, 16x16

Poppies No. 2, 16×16

By Carrie Jacobson

I started painting flowers a couple years ago, and I admit, I started timidly, never having been a real fan of floral painting. But over the years, I found that I liked to paint sunflowers, and tulips, and I also found that people like to buy floral paintings.

So I kept at it, kept experimenting and discovering, trying new approaches and new colors and new flowers, and just this past week or so, experimented my way into a style I really, really love.

It reminds me of Peter Max, with the bright colors and the black outlines, and the whimsical shapes. I wrote about this on my own blog, and a few readers chimed in with their own Peter Max and Max-related memories. One wrote to me about the favorite dress she had as a kid – one that she remembered because of my painting… and her memory reminded me of my favorite dress as a kid. It was a swingy minidress, covered with blurry, bright red and orange and pink flowers – not so different from the flowers in this painting!

At any rate, if any of you want to see this painting, and my other new florals, in person, check out the Paradise City Arts Festival this weekend in Northampton, MA. It’s a drive from the mid-Hudson, I know, but it should be a pretty drive, full of fall colors. And the show offers a wonderful collection of art and high-end craft – and good food!

Meantime, I hope you have great memories of beautiful gardens, bright flowers – and your favorite clothes!

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  1. esme Says:

    Thank you Carrie for another lovely painting. Put me in a really good mood this morning looking at something so bright and alive, and wishing for summer to return … am dreading winter, but am sure you will have some lovely paintings of soft, white winter snow scenes.

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