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  1. Marshall Rubin Says:

    The Second Amendment should be repealed. Such an action wouldn’t ban guns, but make their ownership and use a privilege, rather than a right, much as is the case with owning and driving cars.

    As a result, the use and even manufacture of an automobile is strictly registered and regulated, providing for much greater public safety from a device that, like a gun is capable of causing serious injuries and deaths. I thing that a repeal strategy is worth looking into!

    As it stands, even attempting to introduce legislation that could put a crimp in gun violence can be routinely blocked by such groups as the NRA, simply by attesting that gun ownership is an absolute right and protected by the Constitution. Through the elimination of the right to bear arms, gun regulations can be enacted by popular vote, or even local legislation and would greatly reflect the wishes of the vast majority of Americans.

    Instead of wasting lots of money and time vainly trying to introduce laws and regulations that the courts may knock down on Second Amendment grounds, let’s spend our efforts in its repeal, and THEN we can have a stronger hand at enacting laws that comply with the public’s wishes.

    If the gun lobby were confronted by just the threat of a mass desire to eliminate Amendment Two, they might be willing to submit to stronger controls in exchange for its outright repeal.

  2. Marshall Rubin Says:

    My last sentence should state that the Gun Lobby, if confronted by an outpouring of support for the repeal of the Second Amendment might offer to accept stronger regulations in exchange for dropping an attempt to repeal.

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