Carrie’s Painting of the Week – 08/13/16

Sauer Farm Oil on canvas, 10x10

Sauer Farm
Oil on canvas, 10×10

By Carrie Jacobson

As August burns into September and the sunsets come earlier, I know that this year, for once, I have lived the length of these summer days. I’ve romped and painted and squinted and sweated in July’s hot afternoons, and spent the long, soft twilights out of doors.

I’ve watched the summer sun rise over nights that never cooled, and I’ve stood in cold rain as storms blew in and out, and steam rose from day-baked sidewalks.

This summer, I watched as the geese flew north, and the bluebirds came, and the hummingbirds and butterflies showed up with the flowers. I smelled sweet gardenias blooming, smiled at swaths of black-eyed susans, and marveled at fields of sunflowers. I swam in the ocean, cooled in lakes, strode into clear, cold streams.

The summer’s heat warmed my bones, drained me of sweat, exhausted me more days than I could count, and left me knowing that I had lived every day fully, as fully as the sun had drenched these long, hot months.

I celebrate this summer and my participation, and welcome the cool nights and, soon, the bright spice of autumn.


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