On the Mark? Off the Mark?

By Jeffrey Page

Hello, anybody there?

I’m just checking to see if anyone’s reading Zest of Orange. Please note that this is not an official posting by Zest of Orange, but just by me.

Though I must tell you that some others in this little cabal are wondering the same thing: Are you there? Do you find us informative? Entertaining? Do you agree with what you see in Zest? Or do you think we’re totally off the mark? Any suggestions?

I did a quick check over the weekend at the Zest of Orange site and found that the Zest writers, photographer and artists have posted 125 columns, photographs and paintings since late May, when the site got under way. Since then, we’re received 120 comments. Not much of a dialogue – about one reader-comment per posting.

Common sense tells me that if readers have nothing to say about what they read, they must be bored. And God protect readers from being bored. The idea of Zest of Orange is to be sharp, witty, provocative and entertaining. I would hope we’re doing a pretty good job.

So, are you reading us? What do you think?

Let us know.


Jeffrey can be reached at jeffrey@zestoforange.com


12 Responses to “On the Mark? Off the Mark?”

  1. Giggly Girl Says:

    I enjoy reading ‘The Zest’ very much. My favorite contributor is Michael Kaufman. I really dig his perspective. In addition, as an art and photography lover, I like the photo and painting of the week features. Keep up the good work!

  2. Lucznikowska Says:

    “The Zest” is something I look forward to as an engaging, intelligent relief from my intensive work schedule. I NEVER miss Zoe (although I am a woman of a certain age) – totally enchanting! And Michael Kaufman was terrific on Mandelbaum (and more), not to focus only on one of your excellent rapporteurs and sotrytellers. I had a visitor from England and took him around the HRV last week – then after he went home, sent him the terrific paintings and photos. He was most appreciative. We are all far too busy and may not comment often, but please don’t doubt for a second how much this gem is enjoyed.

  3. theoldmole Says:

    I probably should leave more comments than I do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the site. I, too, especially like Michael Kaufman’s insightful commentary.

  4. Jonathan Talbot Says:

    Thank you for “The Zest of Orange.”

  5. Eheffler Says:

    Hi Zesters – I do enjoy Zest of Orange, even tho I don’t leave comments. My favorite is Mike Kaufman, but there ain’t a bad apple in the whole basket. I enjoy the other articles, pictures and photos, as well. But frankly, although we are all invited to kick back, grab a cup a tea and enjoy, that is usually not the scenario in which I read Zest. It usually comes in while I’m at work, in the office, on my computer and I breeze through it rather quickly. I already feel guilty enough reading Zest on company time (well I don’t really feel that guilty) but am somewhat rushed and that’s why I haven’t taken the extra time to respond. I do hope you’ll continue Zest, ’cause it’s the Best. – Eric Heffler

  6. ferg52 Says:

    Zest gives me back the always insightful and entertaining writing of Beth Quinn and without the restrictions of The T-H-R (which deteriorates on a daily basis – gotta love the three pages of My Ride every week!).
    I look forward to all the contributors and the photos and paintings are an added treat.
    Keep it going

  7. karen Says:

    I am really enjoying ZEST. Reading every week and find it entertaining. I will try to comment more to give you some input. I particularly enjoy Beth, Mike and Shawn’s topics. I love the pictures, paintings and the story of Zoe. I read end to end. Keep up the good work.

  8. FManuele Says:

    Content is good and a refreshing change from the boring articles in the Record.

    Site suggestions:
    page scrolls down too slowly – very annoying

    site design should include easy links to category subjects (ie photography; politics; local news commentary; weather; events;
    gardening, etc.)

    loses passsword so you have to reset to a new one if you want to leave a comment.

    I would like to reset my PW to one I can remember and can’t

  9. EPP Says:

    Fantastic site.
    What’s not to love?

  10. kate Says:

    Have enjoyed this from the very beginning! Love everyones articles and must admit I’m very attached to the adventures of Zoe. And I wouldn’t miss Beth Quinn for a minute!

    Yes – this is the first time I’ve posted, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  11. fromage Says:

    Jeff, sorry but I have been busy with the campaign to free this county from the current county executive and the politicians who have controlled this county for the past 40 years.

    I think your question was appropriate and should be asked of the voters of this county.

    I am looking forward to the end of the election so I can get back to reading your Zest of Orange regularly.

    Thanks you.

  12. Moe Szyslak Says:

    I enjoy reading “Zest”.

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