Carrie’s Painting of the Week – 02/28/14

Red Hills

Red Hills

By Carrie Jacobson

My heart and soul respond with joy to the colors of the West. I have loved seeing and painting the known places, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley – but what has made my painting soar are the unprotected places, the empty, unnamed lands, the spots beside the road that people drive every day to work.

These rough places, these daily sights, these truly stir me. I love the yellow grasses that line the edges of the roads. I love how the sage is green and in these winter days, a soft and gentle blue. Wildflowers grow in soft and fragile colors, and tumbleweeds blow through. The red earth delights my eyes and spirit, and the streaks of color in the mountains amaze me – and make me want to get out of the car Right Now and paint!

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4 Responses to “Carrie’s Painting of the Week – 02/28/14”

  1. bill hogan Says:

    A nice desert painting where you capture the sun and space of the desert plus a nice essay, but my approach painting the desert is from a different point of view and feeling. Take a look at my website on page 1. Thanaks for your painting of the week.

  2. carrie Says:

    Hi, Bill – Thanks so much for the comment, and for sharing your website. Your desert paintings are bright and colorful and very much fun. They make me think of Henri Rousseau’s work.

  3. Kathy Laroe Says:

    I always enjoy your beautiful paintings, but am responding today because of your trip to the west. I grew up in Sugar Loaf, that’s why I read this site, but have lived in Taos NM since 1980. Your comments about the unnamed places is so true, the vistas are beautiful every day, all year. The light is always amazing, but especially early morning & evening. I hope you get to paint Taos sometime!

  4. carrie Says:

    Hi, Kathy! Thank you so much for your kind note. I’m so glad you like the painting, and what I wrote about the unnamed places. It is so easy to be lured by the biggies – and forget the beauty at the side of the road.

    I’m heading to New Mexico today from Tubac, AZ, and might possibly get to Taos. My trip was delayed by yesterday’s heavy rain, and I am a tad leery about the roads in your area, and snow, and my giant van. I was hoping to go to Eagle Nest, but that might be off.

    I have a show in Albuquerque next weekend, if you’d like to see my stuff in person. It’s the Rio Grande Art Festival, and I will be in Booth E-15. I just sent you a flyer about it.

    I know it’s too long a trip to make just to see an art fest, but if you’re in the area anyways, it would be fun to meet you!

    And if you see me painting around Taos or Santa Fe, please stop and say hello. My giant van has a Virginia license plate, “ARTISTE.” It is hard to miss me.

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