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Gigli’s Photo of the Week

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Photography by Rich Gigli

Cooks Falls, N.Y.

Spring Embrace – (Gigli 1997)

 Silent colors of spring

 the eye can not hear.

 Pinions of birds in flight

 the ear can not see.

 Boundless sky radiant

 the hand can not touch.

 Oh ancient beauty in your fleeting moments awaken

 rest upon the withered soul embrace.









Carrie’s Painting of the Week

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011


Where are the blue skies and the bright sun and the scent of warming earth? Where is the spring I so desire? I wait for it to walk down winter’s corridor, its footsteps sure and ringing. I wait for the sound of the key in the lock, the scrape of the door on the frozen earth, the invitation to go out, to find again the freedom of the fields, the limitless horizons, a world released from the chains of this winter’s snow and ice.

Where is this spring?

Outside my window, the snow is falling, and night is falling, and it feels like spring is falling, too. But I look at this painting of Tuscany, and I imagine the warmth of the sun, the peppery scent of the sunflowers, the sweep of the grass waving in a hot noon wind.

It’s coming.

This painting is oil on canvas, 24×48. Contact me at for price and delivery information.