Jada, Clarence, Ukraine …

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By Bob Gaydos

This is not an old coot.

Bob Gaydos

  Maybe it’s just me, but:

— Jada Pinkett Smith could’ve handled Chris Rock’s lame joke very well on her own. And besides, taking cues on appropriate behavior from movie stars is probably not sound social policy.

— Clarence Thomas should be permanently recused from the Supreme Court and his wife should be investigated for promoting an insurrection.

— Warming up to 41° from 23° is not my idea of spring.

— So is there a runner on second base to start the 10th inning this year, and, if so, how did he get there?

— Saying Merrick Garland has been an absolute disappointment as Attorney General pretty much says it all.

— Does anybody even go to the movies movies — where you have to pay for the seats and can’t bring your own popcorn — anymore?

— Alcohol-related deaths increased by 25% in the United States in the first year of Covid. Does that surprise you, trouble you or disturb your serenity in any way?

— Don’t think all those Republican senators who broke bread with Putin a few years back will be visiting Moscow this Fourth of July.

— Having 20/20 vision (thanks to cataract surgery) after nearly 8 decades of being almost legally blind, is a blessing I appreciate every day.

— If Congress makes daylight savings time standard (still doubtful), shouldn’t we then call it standard time? After all, we’re not really “saving“ time, we’re just moving it around to suit our convenience.

— My heart goes out to the brave, proud people of Ukraine. They will pay a tremendous price, but Putin has lost his war.

— It’s difficult to see Andrew Cuomo being elected governor again in New York, even with marijuana being legal.

     That’s it. Remember local newspapers? Yeah, they were cool, huh?


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2 Responses to “Jada, Clarence, Ukraine …”

  1. ernie miller Says:

    Maybe it is just me but do the Republicans act and sound like the Taliban?
    Making it harder to vote
    Banning abortions
    Banning books
    Deleting history and limiting school curriculums.
    Being anti science
    Promoting crazy and dangerous treatments like Ivermectin and Hydrochloroquine.
    And yes, local papers were cool!

  2. Debra Scacciaferro Says:

    Yes, local papers were more than cool. They were essential to keeping local communities informed and local history intact. Not to mention, helping citizens form new groups and programs to benefit the whole. Wow, what we have lost as a country.

    I doubt Andrew Cuomo would be reelected in NY again — but of course never-say-never. I am glad he is gone because he truly was toxic. But, he did get the budgets approved on time. This last one of Kathy Hochul’s wasn’t too late — I hope we don’t return to the years when the budgets were months late, affecting the budgets for school districts and town governments.

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