Is Alcohol a Problem? Take This Test

April 10th, 2024

By Bob Gaydos
April is Alcohol Awareness Month. With that in mind, I offer a list of questions designed to help individuals decide if they, or someone they know, may be an alcoholic. If that is the case, recognition of the problem may well be the first flicker of hope, rather than the beacon of doom many people consider it to be. Be honest.

The dumbing down of America, cont.

April 3rd, 2024

By Bob Gaydos
I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the American education system is in crisis.

Pentagon UFO Report is Too Dismissive

March 31st, 2024

By Bob Gaydos
The Defense Department investigating the Defense Department on a matter of wide public interest and controversy is probably not the best way to resolve long-standing questions.

Taking Any Bets on Ohtani’s Story?

March 22nd, 2024

By Bob Gaydos
A bookie was owed a lot of money, apparently, and Ohtani did, or didn’t try to pay him off for his interpreter, but didn’t notice a bunch of money missing from his bank account. Or something.

‘Old Joe’ Tells It Like It Is

March 9th, 2024

By Bob Gaydos
And that’s really the point, people. Not how old Biden is, but how capable and competent he is compared to the other guy, “my predecessor” as Biden cleverly put it.

All the News … If You Can Find It

March 6th, 2024

By Bob Gaydos
When your hometown newspaper ends home delivery and The New York Times mistakes the forest for the trees, who connects the dots?

The Economy? None of Your Business

February 28th, 2024

By Bob Gaydos
Confused, I looked around and heard pretty much the same conversation on every TV business show, so I figured they got paid to talk to each other about Nvidia and inflation, but weren’t interested in telling me anything useful. Certainly not about business.

You’ve Got Mail, Please Read It

February 21st, 2024

By Bob Gaydos
When I get my mail these days, I notice a certain urgency and consistency to it. These are people who feel the same as I do and are doing all they can to preserve and protect what was established in Philadelphia 248 years ago. Our democracy is at stake. This is our reality.

The (not so) Sweet Mysteries of Life

February 16th, 2024

By Bob Gaydos
Navolny, Kansas City, Trump’s massive fraud, No Labels nonsense: Some mysteries are easier to solve than others.

A 12-Step Program for Republicans

January 29th, 2024

By Bob Gaydos
We admitted we were powerless over Trump, that our party had become unmanageable. Step One. The GOP’s only hope.