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Carrie’s Painting of the Week

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

On Marlin Road

By Carrie Jacobson

A musing this morning as I look at this painting:

Where is greatness? What is the difference between mediocre and superb? Between success and getting by?

Is it a touch of salt, a dash of color, a stroke of genius – or is it just luck?

I’ve read that greatness always comes from discipline, and I am starting to believe it. Greatness is waiting there for all of us, at the intersection of chance and hard work. It will come to us, maybe in flashes, maybe in spans, but it will come – when the muscle we’ve been training does what it needs to do.

Greatness will come when the magic of inspiration meets the boundaries of skill, and each enriches the other.

Why is this painting so clearly better than that one? Both are done by the same hand, with the same colors, even sometimes on the same day… and yet, one soars and the other simply looks pretty.

It is one blur of green, twisting into the sky, one bit of color there by chance or by design – or there because, through hard work and constant striving, my hand and my eye knew it had to be there – even if my brain didn’t.

There is magic, yes. The muses sing, yes. But more and more, I believe, disciplined work is at the core of every success.