Alcoholics and Excuses, a Familiar Mix

May 4th, 2017

By Bob Gaydos
Alcoholics are masters of justification when it comes to threatening to take away the one thing that seems to make life worth living. That makes it crucial for those whose lives are directly affected by an alcoholic to know when they’re hearing excuses that belie what they have seen and heard with their own eyes and ears. (Substitute praise for alcohol if you want to stay topical.)

No One Told Me How Hard This Job Was

April 29th, 2017

By Bob Gaydos
The only honest thing the NIC has said since being elected is that he thought the job would be easier. He couldn’t bring himself to say it’s way too hard for him, that he’s woefully ill-prepared intellectually, emotionally and spiritually for the most important job on the planet.

As Promised: The Books You Picked

April 23rd, 2017

By Bob Gaydos
A couple of weeks ago, I got tired of all the political angsts and anger on Facebook and wrote a column about books and synchronicity and what I was reading and asked folks what they were reading. To change the subject, you know? Here, as promised, are some of the replies I got from some nice people.

Even Trump Should be Appalled at This

April 15th, 2017

By Jeffrey Page
Sean Spicer is 45 years old. It’s reasonable to expect someone of his age would have a better handle one of the major, man-made catastrophes of the 20th century, the Holocaust,

It’s the National Pastime, So to Speak

April 15th, 2017

By Jeremiah Horrigan
“Baseball’s Greatest Quotations,” by Paul Dickson, has become a catechism of the game for me — a pain-free, smile-inducing way to rediscover a love of baseball I hardly knew I had.

The Jimmys: Murray, Cannon, Palmer

April 15th, 2017

By Bob Gaydos
(A reprise of a 2010 column, prompted by Jeremiah Horrigan’s ode to baseball also appearing on Zest.) The best part of being a sports editor was that I also got to write a column on whatever I pleased. The bosses preferred local topics, of course, but it was Binghamton, so they let me wander off to professional sports.

The Syria Conspiracy: One I Can Believe

April 8th, 2017

By Bob Gaydos
Trump, Putin and Assad set the whole thing up. The chemical attack, the missile attack, the denials, the warnings from Trump, the threats from Putin. All according to script. Yes, it’s a morbidly depressing theory and so, in some respects, I hope I’m wrong. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m right.

Pick a Book, Any Book; Now Be It

April 2nd, 2017

By Bob Gaydos
I feel a sense of frustration and fatigue on Facebook, which has become highly politically charged. And so, I’m writing about books. Pay attention. I want to know what you’re reading. Also, if you could be a book, what book would it be? C’mon, folks, interface. Remember social media? I will keep posting until I get answers.

GOP: A Party Without a Head or a Heart

March 26th, 2017

By Bob Gaydos
Today’s Republican Party is a gaggle of angry constituencies — a party of convenience for various factions who know nothing about governing.

Breslin and Berry, Two Originals: RIP

March 22nd, 2017

By Bob Gaydos
Jimmy Breslin could write like hell. Chuck Berry could play the hell out of the guitar. A president straight out of hell. And Shaq thinks the earth is flat. Oh well. … That’s how it went.