What Would Barbara Say About Today’s GOP? A Tribute to a Colleague and Straight-shooter

August 2nd, 2023

By Bob Gaydos
A candid look at today’s Republican candidates based on a candid look at the field 12 years ago. A salute to my late colleague and lifelong Republican, Barbara Bedell. Spoiler: She didn’t even like Romney.

Goodbye, Tony; Hello Again, Baseball

July 27th, 2023

By Bob Gaydos
In a world of TikTok and streaming consciousness, there is still room for symmetry, especially in baseball and music.

A Week of Wills, Won’ts and Walkouts

July 17th, 2023

By Bob Gaydos
Aretha Franklin’s scribbled will was ruled valid, aspertame was declared possibly cancer-causing but safe, actors joined writers on the picket line for more money and less AI and India figured, what the heck, let’s send a rocket to the moon. The week that was.

Gillibrand Puts UFOs on Her Radar

July 13th, 2023

By Bob Gaydos
Recent balloon sightings and public comments by a high-level intelligence officer that the government has had a long-standing secret program of crash retrieval of unidentified spacecraft of “non-human origin,” have given sudden urgency and immediacy to Kirsten Gillibrand’s Senate post. And she’s taking it seriously.

Republicans Wage War Against the Truth

July 8th, 2023

By Bob Gaydos
Republicans confuse “free speech” with the right to say anything they feel like, without regard to the truth and certainly without regard to the repercussions of the lack of truth in their statements.

An Interesting, Imperfect Week

June 30th, 2023

By Bob Gaydos
Stream of consciousness reporting while waiting for an indictment, arrest, conviction or imprisonment of you know who.

A Strange U-turn on the Road to Moscow

June 26th, 2023

By Bob Gaydos
Prigozhin’s dramatic Saturday dash for Moscow with his Wagner fighting forces electrified and captured the attention of the world only to fizzle out just as TV commentators were getting used to the words Russia and revolution in the same sentence. Just as dramatically as it had begun, it was over. What happened?

Trump and GOP: A Tiring, Old Story

June 16th, 2023

By Bob Gaydos
Republicans, Trump is not one of you. He is Trump. Period. You created him. Your hypocrisy and cowardice have emboldened him and his ilk. He has sullied us all. And he has destroyed you.

My Dinner with Donald, part two

June 3rd, 2023

By Bob Gaydos
Ultimately, I decided there could be no dinner talk with Donald Trump because from what I’ve seen, he doesn’t have conversations. He talks at you. He makes pronouncements.

A Birthday Tribute to JFK’s Life (cont.)

May 29th, 2023

By Bob Gaydos
Ten years ago, I wrote a column about what I see as the synchronistic connection between myself and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, beginning with the fact we share the same birth date, May 29. The key point in the column, at least to me, was my pledge “to remember to honor him not on the date he died, but on the date we both were born.”