Carrie’s Painting of the Week – 10/24/08

Give Me That Ball!

There are days, aren’t there, when the company of dogs is preferable to the company of humans? Or to put it another way,  that there are days when the company of humans is preferable to the company of dogs.

This long, hot stretch of a summer has been tough on our oldest girl. She’s a chow-German shepherd (not the dog in this painting, who is a bearded collie from the local dog park), and she’s 14. Her muzzle has grayed, and her legs are stiff. She sleeps a lot. But her eyes, behind a bluish, cataracty film,  are bright and interested. She greets me with a smile and a sparkle, and even, sometimes, a sprightly trot across the yard.

The glory days are behind her now, but we both remember. We remember how she ran across the fields, strong and fleet and tireless. We remember how she chased deer, and how she roared and snarled at strangers, protecting me from all danger. We remember how she leapt, how she plowed through snowstorms and rolled in drifts, and shook off the cold as though it were nothing. She dreams these memories today; I hear her nails clicking against the floor as she runs and races in her sleep, young again and fierce and proud.

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She follows me these days, with her eyes and with her body, too. Follows me and looks, sometimes, deep into me, into my eyes, into my heart, as if I have the answer for why she can no longer hear, no longer run. I can’t run, either, I tell her. But I can walk, and you can walk, and we can walk together. And I can love, and you can love, and that will never end.


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    Dear Carrie;
    My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting you when you painted thaht wonderful 2 hour painting on Clinton St in Montgomery. I love your painting style. It’s wonderful. And your words about your dog are so touching I almost started to cry. You are a treasure.

  2. carrie jacobson Says:

    Howard, it was a real pleasure to meet you and your wife on that beautiful sunny day in Montgomery. Meeting the two of you was part of what made the day so special for me.

    I’m so glad you like my paintings! Please check out my website ( and my blog ( If you like a painting, I’d be happy to deliver it in person!

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