Carrie’s Painting of the Week – 09/13/13

Where He Loves to Fish Oil on canvas, 20x60

Where He Loves to Fish
Oil on canvas, 20×60

By Carrie Jacobson

A couple from Tennessee was visiting our next door neighbor, Miss Dulcie, when I got home one evening from a recent and exhausting visit to Charlotte, NC. I spent most of the next day sleeping, but roused myself in the afternoon to carry the ancient Pekingese outside. I’d been out there for, oh, 10 seconds when one of Miss Dulcie’s visitors showed up at the fence.

“Hi!” he said. “I hear you’re an artist! That’s so wonderful!”  It became clear to me, even in my exhausted dim dumbness that he wanted to see my paintings and my studio, so of course, I showed him, and his wife, and Miss Dulcie, too.

Turns out that, decades back, he had turned down a full scholarship to Notre Dame to go to art school. Then he was drafted, came home, married, took a job, and pretty much forgot about art.

But way back then, he had painted with a palette knife, as I do, and he was tremendously excited to see my paintings. He swore that when he got home, he was going to start to paint again.

If you get anything from my story (I started making art seven years ago, at the age of 50), get this: You are never too old to make art. You are never too old to START making art – or writing poetry, or making quilts, or throwing pots, or creating mobiles, or making movies – or whatever it is that your heart’s been telling you to do.

Take a class, read a book, watch a video – or just get some materials and give it a try. Your life will be richer, and you will be happier. That’s a promise.

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4 Responses to “Carrie’s Painting of the Week – 09/13/13”

  1. Michael Kaufman Says:

    Great painting and great story, Carrie. And it is worth noting that you had a rewarding experience by taking time to inspire someone else despite being exhausted from your trip to Charlotte.

  2. Carrie jacobson Says:

    Yes I did – and it was great! I’m going to check on the guy and his painting soon.

  3. Lynn Says:

    Love the painting and story. I’m a late bloomer too. I hope the artist from Tennessee has as much fun as you do painting and I do writing poetry! There’ a lot to be said for jumping in at any age. Sometimes older is richer. We have so much to draw from. :>)

  4. carrie Says:

    Thanks, Lynn! Haven’t checked in with him yet, but I will. We late bloomers have to be ready to spur each other on, don’t we? Older IS richer – but with a few more creaks and groans…

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