Carrie’s Painting of the Week – 6/19/2013

Jilly!  Oil on canvas, 12x12, commission

Oil on canvas, 12×12, commission

By Carrie Jacobson

The hot afternoon had rolled into dusk, humidity kicking up in its wake. To the east, over the ocean, the solid gray sky had cracked in places, showing blue. But in the field beyond our yard, a line of heavy, tropical rain made its way toward us.
Peter called me, and we stood in the doorway and watched it head across the field. It approached as a grayish line, looking almost like a living thing – a herd of deer, a flock of geese. The torrents slammed and bounced off the ground, and we could hear it coming, and then in an instant, the rain was pounding on the doorstep, soaking us, soaking everything, and passing then just as fast.
Summer starts on Friday, but it felt to me that it rolled in with this downpour, sudden, tropical, refreshing.
ON TUESDAY, I had a fantastic opportunity to do a podcast with Connie Mettler, on Art Fair Insiders, a site that would interest any artist – or fair-goer. Connie had read about the “Tubac and Back” trip, and thought it was an interesting idea.
She invited me and a wonderful artist named Scott Coleman to talk about our other-than-art-show projects. Among Scott’s many ideas and achievements, he did a project that involved painting a cupcake a day (well, six a week) for a year.  They are just fantastic!
You can hear the podcast by clicking here. Here’s the actual link, too:–part-i-two-painters

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